Aslanta's History

Aslanta is the Brainchild of Anke and Aoi

Anke and Aoi met on beautiful Koh Lanta in 2006, fell in love, and dreampt of living sustainable, eco-friendly lives. In 2009 the duo purchased 1.5 acres of tropical rainforest on Koh Lanta and began camping and planting bamboo on the plot. While camping, they built their first bamboo and clay house with electricy and running water. The day they moved into their creation they established a lifestyle based in freedom and respect for mother nature.

Most of their knowledge regarding eco-friendly building and sustainable living comes their hands-on experience, the community, and working with local materials.

Fast forward to today.

Aslanta is a large adobe-bamboo community surrounded by a towering bamboo forest with:

  • Three earthen huts
  • Three compost toilets
  • An adobe Community home
  • An eco workshop
  • An organic teahouse and earth shop
  • A thai style home and kitchen
  • A bamboo tree house
  • A bamboo forest, mountain stream, and fish pond

Just like the surrounding jungle, Aslanta and its community is always growing. Anke and Aoi hope to expand the community and build a fourth hut, teach more sustainable workshops, inspire others to live outdoors, and share their expaning love for our planet.