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19 March 2019

Short documentary on Asalanta - Cultivating Empowerment - By Artem Nugmanov and Brian McPartlan



21 June 2018

Video of Asalanta featured on Irish Media TV show



16 September 2016

Video of Thai PBS TV program "public platform", episode "Lanta has power"



25 May 2016 - 29 May 2016

ASALANTA was selected for not just 1 but 3 movie scenes for a big Chinese romance movie production called “Deep in love”. The movie is being released into Beijing movie theaters somewhere early 2017.


20 May 2016

Video by Ila Nordman on her experience as a skill session participant at ASALANTA. Ila is a blogger and nutritionist, she teaches her own courses in Switserland.



24 April 2016

Article in Krabi magazine "sustainability for anyone and everyone" 



5 April 2016

Video by Melody Rocca on her experience as a natural building workshop participant at ASALANTA. Melody invested years of practice with super foods, healthy habits and detox methods to obtain good health and become an expert in the field of nutrition. She wrote her own book and is creator of zesty4life.



2 June 2015




20 April 2012

We were followed by cameras for 2 full days filming a documentary for Thai national television. An award winning tv program called "chan rak muang Thai" meaning "I love Thailand" makes 45 minutes reports on foreigners living in the kingdom and speaking the Thai language. The goal of the show is making Thais appreciate and love their county.

Unfortunately we have lost the YouTube link on the show about Anke (one of ASALANTA's founders).


8 January 2012

Video spontaneously made by Michael a regular guest of our little Teahouse and shop.